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May 15 - 20, 2006 34° Festival Internacional de Cinema do Algarve
Algarve, Portugal


"The Sandbox" is a short cg animated piece inspired by Akira Kurasawa's collection of shorts—"Dreams."

The film was conceived and created by Kory Juul—visual effects artist for such films as Revenge of the Sith, The Matrix Trilogy, Return of the King, and Final Fantasy.

"The Sandbox," shows the artistic struggle, and perserverance of a young boy named Koji. Koji sculpts masterful sandcastles which, upon completion—are swiftly blown away in a supernatural wind. Koji's relentless pursuit of recognition drives him to build larger and larger castles. His labors have not gone unnoticed. Koji has failed to see the bigger picture—his parents have been looking out for him all along—from beyond the grave.

Japanese with English Subtitles.